Performance Single Chip Quad-Port 10G SFP+ NIC

The ASIC currently driving Solarflare’s dual port 40GbE card is actually a dual core package with each core supporting two physical network interfaces. This ASIC has now been placed in a new board designed to support four SFP+ 10GbE ports with a typical power consumption of 13 watts. In adherence with the PCIe physical specifications and the available SFP+ cages for designers, this had to be brought to market as a full height PCIe adapter. Furthermore, this full height PCI Express network server adapter utilizes a PCIe generation 3 interface with eight lanes. This PCIe bus configuration is good for 52Gbps in each direction so it’s a perfect match for Solarflare’s new quad-port 10GbE adapter, the SFN7004F. There is also a version available with Solarflare’s OS Bypass layer, the SFN7124F.

So if you’re doing ultra dense 10G deployments, data center, cloud, enterprise, etc… you now have a new affordable quad-port option available in the SFN7004F.

To learn more contact Scott Schweitzer at Solarflare.

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