In 1997 while with IBM Scott created the personal brand “Mr.eBusiness”.  Scott owned the domain name and hosted it at his friend’s ISP on Scott’s own personal Internet server hardware.  From this, he then created a small successful IT consulting business focused on Internet Security.  When the dot-com he’d joined in 2000 blew up he fell back on this practice to fund his family until his next full-time position came along.branding

In 2008 Scott decided to take a new direction and created the site to support his new focus on extreme performance networking. For various personal reasons this was a stealth marketing site, meaning that nobody knew who
had created or managed it.  During it’s run it offered over a dozen detailed blog entries, one each month, but more important were the product comparison tables.  There were 10 and they listed all the available 10GbE network adapters by type, performance, price, and with links on how to acquire them.  There were also several tables listing all the available switches broken out into a variety of separate categories.  In 2009 this site saw over 20K page views and was at one point referenced in a story in the Register.

Scott took offline in December 2009 to focus on other projects, but recently he’s taken to writing again. He’s merged,,, and into this site.  In December 2010 Scott began tweeting using @40GbE, and in early 2018 he flipped that over @TecEvangelist as he moved everything over to the