Severs Can Protect Themselves From a DDoS Attack

Solarflare is completing SolarSecure Server Defense, a Docker Container housing a start-of-the-art threat detection, and mitigation system. This system dynamically detects new threats and updates the filters applied to all network packets traversing the kernel network device driver in an effort to fend off future attacks in real time without direct human intervention. To do this Solarflare has employed four technologies: OpenOnload, SolarCapture Live, Bro Network Security Monitor, and SolarSecure Filter Engine.

OpenOnload provides an OSBypass means of shunting copies of all packets making it past the current filter set to SolarCapture. SolarCapture provides a Libpcap framework for packet capture which then hands these copied packets onto Bro for analysis. Bro then applies a series of scripts to each packet, and if a script detects a hit it raises an event. Each class of event then triggers a special SolarSecure Filter Engine script which then creates a new network packet filter. This filter is then loaded in real-time into the packet filter engine of the network adapter’s kernel device driver to be applied to all future network packets. Finally, Server Defense can alert your admins as new rules are created on each server across your infrastructure.

SolarSecure Server Defense inspects all inbound, outbound, container to container, and VM to VM packets on the same physical server, and filters are applied to every packet. This uniquely positions Solarflare Server Defense as the only containerized cyber defense solution designed to protect each individual server, VM or container, within an enterprise from a wide class of threats ranging from a simple SYN flood to a sophisticated DDoS attack. Even more compelling, it can actually defend from attacks originating from inside the same physical network, behind your existing perimeter defenses. It can actually defend one VM from an attack launched by another VM on the same physical server!

To learn more please contact Scott Schweitzer at Solarflare.

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