TE18: Personal Cyber Security

Today we do something different and Bob Van Valzeh and I have a frank discussion on personal security in a digital world.

Below are some of the topics we discuss:

  • Background on Scott’s hacking past and his conversion to a white hat, a friendly, hacker.
  • Personal security, and acting smartly.
  • Don’t carelessly create opportunities for hackers to exploit your weaknesses.
  • The importance of password managers.
  • Being aware of threats around you social engineering, skimmers, etc…
  • Banking today, avoid using checks, online banking.
  • Security of free wifi, and the man in the middle
  • Being careful with email and phone usage.
  • Updating your Internet of Things (IoT) devices, thermostats, routers, personal devices, etc…

We then wrap it up with a quick rant on the government hoarding cybersecurity exploits.

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