Digital Ocean Moves to 40GbE

This week Digital Ocean announced SolarFlare as its worldwide technology partner for upgrading their data center servers from 10G to 40G Ethernet. So who is Digital Ocean? According to Netcraft, the leader in Internet Analytics, Digital Ocean is the world’s second largest hosting provider. Digital Ocean offers their customers a KVM based on-demand cloud infrastructure for hosting their site and applications. So what?

In the words of Ben Uretsky, CEO of Digital Ocean, “We are committed to providing software developers with a fast, secure, and reliable cloud environment to design their applications.” So when asked why Digital Ocean selected Solarflare’s 7042 series of 10/40GbE adapters Ben responded: “Solarflare’s technology roadmap and the company’s dedication to network performance and security made them an ideal strategic partner to meet the demands of our explosive growth.”

Well there you go, if Solarflare is good enough for Digital Ocean’s many thousands of servers worldwide, why not give them a try in your data center. Drop me a note using the Contact Scott block on the right, and I’d be thrilled to see if we can work out a no charge try & buy.

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