TE10: Gone in 98 Nanoseconds: A New Low for Tick to Trade

Tonight we had a discussion with Vahan Sardaryan, CEO & Founder of LDA Technologies, to talk about their new STAC-T0 Benchmark which set the bar surprisingly low, 98 nanoseconds, for network tick to trade latency.

During that call, we reviewed the following:

  • What is the significance of 98 nanoseconds?
  • Who worked with LDA to make this possible?
  • In layman’s terms, how was the feat accomplished?
  • The jitter of the solution was six to nine nanoseconds.
  • What is the significance of having STAC validate this achievement?
  • This was months worth of work, what sort of ghost hunting was required?
  • Who could benefit from this technological advance?
  • The report highlights a measurement of -68 nanoseconds, can we trade into the future?
  • Where do we go from here, and can the bar be set even lower?

Scott would like to apologize for the quality of this podcast as both him and Vahan had to dial into the recording system due to, you guessed it, networking issues.

Interested in evaluating Solarflare’s ServerLock Firewall in the NIC technology?
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TE5: Electronic Trading with FPGAs

On June 30th, 2017 Bob DiPietro of Solarflare was kind enough to call in and discuss the differences between Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chips and general purpose x86 class CPUs. We chatted about their application in electronic trading, and how FPGAs offer the ultimate in network latency reduction, in some cases delivering over six times the performance of the fastest Intel Xeon processors. We also touched on toolchains, as well as Delegated TCP Send and A.N.T.S. for latency reduction.

TE3: Electronic Trading

On June 10th, 2017 Bob Van Valzah of Sun Trading shared a piece of his Saturday with us to discuss Electronic Trading using a number of real-world examples. We kept the conversation intentionally light, and Bob explained how trading works in terms that nearly everyone should be able to comprehend. During our chat, we touched on high-frequency traders, market making, dark pools, what is arbitrage, and the race to zero. So sit back and learn a bit about how our markets work.