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TE-S2-E2: Security Capture the Flag (CTF)

In this episode we interview the RedStoneCTF (Capture the Flag) team and discuss their recent experiences attending the Asheville NC BSides event. First we learn about the team which is composed of:

  • R3dC0m3t – Cyptanalyst, professionally an agile scrum-master.
  • Ph03n1x – Focused on coding challenges and reverse engineering.
  • W3bMind5s – Networking and older computer science class problems.

The team discusses the following issues:

  • What do you expect to learn from Capture the Flag competitions at these local BSides events?
  • What did you find the most challenging about your first BSides Capture the Flag?
  • Discussed our failures in preparing for our first in person challenge. We are not yet disclosing our plan for BSides RDU this fall (2019).
  • What did you like most about BSides Asheville, for example the Lockpick village? R3dC0m3t borrowed W3bMind5 pickset and discusses his practicing at home.
  • Discussed Foxpick’s unique jailbreak Lockpick village challenge.
  • We discussed the value of BSides being a local event. Also how much of BSides Asheville was really more like a BSides Charlotte.
  • If you have any interest in Security, from forensics to social engineering and lock picking you should consider stopping by a BSides event near you.
  • …Still adding more.

Please check out the RedStoneCTF team’s website to learn more about their adventures, tools they use, and proving grounds where they test their skills.

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